Fig13 French Move 3

The French player dices for his next two right most Infantry units and gets them both. He rushes his HQ in base to base contact with his artillery and pushes forwards his two infantry units into musket range, his light horse takes up position neatly behind one.


The French player has no units he needs to rally so play goes over to the Austrian shooting phase.



The Austrian player chooses to shoot with his two infantry units labeled 1 & 2 . His unit “1” flanking the wood rolls a 4 which gets a +1 due to this being his first volley is modified to 5. The French infantry marked “a” is now “pinned” and is marked. Austrian unit “1” is now also pinned as he fired and is also marked. Austrian unit “2” rolls a natural 6!! This is modified to 7 due to the first volley modifier which means French unit “b” routs!


The French player immediately rolls a d6 to see if the unit is destroyed while routing but gets a 5 which is not a 2 or less so the unit survives. It moves directly away from the enemy a full move and is marked as disrupted.


There are no melees so the turn ends






Fig14 Austrian move 3

The Austrian player rolls once for his flanking cavalry unit to appear and rolls a 2, he decides to try and again and rolls another 2, he receives no reinforcements this turn.


He moves his HQ into Lahslo brings forward one unit of his artillery and grabs Johmar with he left infantry unit. Finally he swings his cavalry around the back of the wood threating the disrupted unit ‘b’ as well as unit ‘a’.


The Austrian player would love to try and rally units 1 & 2 by the wood but they are both within 2” of enemy units and so are unable.


French players shooting phase.

The French artillery cannot see the Austrian cavalry through the hill and so has no targets. French unit “a” decides to blaze away at Austrian unit 1


The French player rolls a 5 which is a “pinned” result. The austrain unit is already pinned so there is no effect. Note the French unit “a” does NOT get a first volley bonus as it is already marked pinned, this reflects the disorder it suffered last turn when it was hit by effective musket fire.


There are no melees to resolve to the autsrians turn ends.