Fig 15 French Move 4

The French player dices twice for infantry from his rightmost reinforcement point and gets only one. He moves his forces to cover the approaching heavy cavalry.


French Rally phase

He still cannot rally unit a as it is within 2 of an enemy but he has moved his HQ next to unit b and attempts to rally it. He rolls a 2 and even with the +1 for being in contact with a HQ it is not enough.


Austrian Shooting phase.

Although his artillery unit is now within range of the French infantry near the road he cannot fire as his shot is blocked by his cavalry unit.


He can however shoot with his two infantry units 1&2 again at French unit a, he gets a 2 and a 6! The 6 disrupts the French unit.


He has no more shooting and there are no melees so its over to the Austrians.
















Fig 16 Austrian Move 4

Complicated arrival and charge example.


French firing against austrian infantry 6! +1 higher = 7, rout



Heavy cav vs French disrupted infantry


Aus 3 French 4 +2 hvy cav +2 disrupted 7 4 = 3+ = destroyed.


Follows on into light cav


Aus 2 Fr 3 = 1 to 4 = destroyed.


Follows on into Infantry


Aus 5 Fr 1 = 7 to 1 = destroyed!!!!

Fig 16d

Follows on past artillery, what a move! This is what heavy cavalry can do IF you can get it into contact.