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Perfect Distance

This is a game about an artillery officer returning from a war and his thoughts about free will. It should be fairly self explanatory to play. Please play with audio to get any kind of sense out of it.

Background & technical

The game has been complete for over two years. I held off releasing it earlier because of a bug which exists on some machines where the narration does not play. If you do not hear a voice while playing, well, you are getting a different experience from most people, I have come to rather like that.

Why not fix the bug? Because I put off the game for so long I have lost the source , leaving me with just a big installer and binary. This accounts for the absurdly large download size for a game that lasts a few minutes. Sorry about that.



The usual crew of art game supporters and makers, particularly Mike Treanor without whose encouragement I would have simply not released this game.