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Napoleonics 2mm wargames rules



Beta 2.L


Rules as word(latest version 2L)

Rules as HTML(older version 2J)

Quick reference sheet (RTF format, by Eric Sprague)


Latest versions!

^^Open index of latest versions I mirrored from the 2mm group by Eric S and others!




Battle of Bundaberg

(a sample battle using 2 by 2)



Battle scene

2mm wargames table



Images from “the grand battery” a quick play battle.


The French attack goes in

An aerial shot of the French charge to the guns

The aftermath of the failed assault




If you are interested in these rules , seeking other 2mm rules or the scale in general the 2mm wargames group at yahoo is recommended.




These rules are now run by the 2mm wargames group over at yahoo (see link above). The rules are “open source” and freely moddable, rippable and whatever you like. If you are interested in making them better or throwing up your own version you are welcome to stop by the group and throw out your own version or your ideas on what might make them better. At the least a little wargames chat about 2mm is always welcome.




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Rules as word(orignal version 2G)

Rules as HTML(original version 2G